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Dia. 17cm | H. 4cm | Resin cast base | 3-layer Maple veneer, treated with white tintedhard-wax oil | Dkk 1155,-


The SPOON TRAY is a simple and sculptural object made with a combination of classic bentwood techniques and dyed cast resin.

This tray is carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Copenhagen. It is one of a kind.

Use the tray in the kitchen or for desks.

The cast resin base is translucent, allowing light and color to shine through.

Please contact us if you wish for a different color. We cast them by demand, in a variety of colors.

For special orders 4 weeks delivery.


The resin is a strong but delicate material and it will patinate over time.
We encourage you to embrace the signs of use. However, it can be polished back to the original shine if scratches should appear. Use a fine microfiber cloth when cleaning the base.

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