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Series of boxes by Wednesday Architecture

Materials: Sides: Maple wood. Base: Maple veneer.

PLUSBOXES Collection is comprised of 5 different boxes and small trays carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Copenhagen, Dk. 

The PLUSBOXES is a collection of sculptural bentwood boxes paying tribute to the Bliss symbols.  

Bliss symbols is a purely visual, speech-less language, consisting of several hundred basic symbols and was invented to improve understanding between nationalities.

Each symbol represents a concept, which can be composed together to generate new symbols that represent new concepts.

PLUSBOXES Collection span from minimal to expressive shapes and range from: 14 cm,  17 cm and 25 cm, in diameter, they varying in height, function and material. The boxes come with either a veneer or a resin base in different colors.. 

We work with a combination of new daring color palettes for the dyed resin.

The cast resin base is translucent, allowing light and color to shine through. When stacking the trays new color tones build up, and when lifting the trays from the table, light from underneath “activate” the translucent base. 

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