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Architectural jewelry box made for the Cabinetmaker’s Autumn Exhibition, Storage 2013.

Materials: About a thousand bits of Danish ash wood, partly painted.


We have treated the city, the building and the box equally, as a place for storage. That is how the meeting of scales appears in this piece. In more ways, a box and a city can be viewed in the same perspective: A place to hide your personal treasures while getting tangled.

Read the Essay 'DOOR BY DOOR' by Lector Niels Grønbæk and learn more about the jewelry box 'HIDE AND SEEK'


Photos by Marianne Bjerre

Thanks to:   

Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition  &  Danish Art Workshops  &  Writer and Associate Professor, ph.d Niels Grønbæk  &  Marianne Bjerre  & King of the Woods Carsten Schultz  &  

Wood-expert Troels Trier Mørk & Grafiker Emilie Hasløv  &  Tingfindere Helle Vibeke Jensen og Maria Lundén  &  Trappebygger Anemone Skjoldager  & Tine Meisner

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