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Art piece by WA exhibited at MINDCRAFT18 & CRAFTED MATTER19 // By The Danish Arts Foundation // Curated by Ditte Hammerstrøm  

Botanical Furniture Species -  A Light Table and Sun Bench, that reflect the weather and surroundings, made of slender wooden frames, solid wooden beams and rectangular silver-plated brass reflectors.

We have made the design in the darkest months of the year in Denmark - Resulting in a set of light healing furniture based on our longing for the daylight. 

The inspiration came from an architectural analysis of the exhibition site and a series of free associations on the ambience of the San Simpliciano cloister. Open to the elements, the sheltered courtyard lets in daylight, fresh air and rain and offers a calm space for contemplation, pause and reflection – like a garden without soil. To bring out this atmosphere, we created two furniture pieces conceived as geometrical ‘flowers’ for this garden and as sculptural structures that accentuate the changing weather, the light, sun and rain. Another important source of inspiration was Karl Blossfeldt’s (1865–1932) lifelong work with botanical photography. 

Exhibited at MINDCRAFT18 in Milan and CRAFTED MATTER19 at The Cheongju Craft Biennale in South Korea


Sun Bench: L 200 x W 50 x H 75cm
Light Table: L 84 x W 63 x H 110 cm 


Thanks to Møbelsnedkeriet Kjeldtoft, The Danish Arts Foundation & Curator Ditte Hammerstrøm

Photo by Anders Sunebjerg & Kristine Funch


The chosen focus of MINDCRAFT18 is on the essence of the work with design and craft. In this year’s exhibition, the objects on display take centre stage, with an emphasis on the hands-on engagement with the material and the visual, aesthetic and sensuous qualities of the objects. Ditte Hammerstrøm 

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