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ART PIECE BY WA   Portrait of Friederike Brun’s left ear.

​A collage reflecting the historical layers between Friederike Brun’s time and ours. A tactile ear, turned towards the world across the ages, captures sound, and the light responds.

Friederike Brun (1765–1835) woman of letters, donkey-rider and amateur singer.

MATERIALS   LED lights in glass tubes, colored paper and ash tree 

Dimensions H 104 cm L 40 cm D 40 cm

Photo by Egon Gade Artwork & WA

Exhibited at Sophienholm / SE21


'SEATED NEXT TO HERon the couch, I left it to her to lead the conversation, as I noticed that she was so hard of hearing she struggled to catch my modest contributions.'  

              J. M. Thiele, 1815

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